What To Wear To The Gym For The First Time

What to wear to the gym for the first time

Deciding to take a trip to gym for the first time can be a little bit scary and a bit haptic. You might be attending due to your new year resolution, or maybe you have charity event coming up or maybe you just want to get that beach body look.

It doesn’t matter what motivates, it doesn’t have to set back lot to make yourself look good while at the gym. Many retailers offer great value and great quality active clothing. For example, we’ve found two great active clothing outfits – the first for women and the second for men – that will make you look good and make you look like you know what your doing.

Best clothes for a woman

Hooded Long Sleeve Sweatshirt – £4.99


Sports Vest – £6.00


High Waist Leggings – £4.94


Padded push up Impact Sports Bra – £1.39


You don’t have to spend a fortune on active clothing, especially when you’re unsure on what types of activities you’re going to be doing or if you will continue.

All you need to do is start of really easy, A pair of thin leggings. Leggings are very comfortable while exercising they are stretchy and easy for you to move around in with comfort – so they’re are important. This pair from Amazon aren’t going to break the bank.

You can make the outfit standout with a top like our choice this coral vest top. For youse lady’s that need support with exercising, you might as well get a sports bra. like the grey one with the straps on the back would do you well. Last but not least a panel hoodie – it’ll keep you warm and make your look.

Best Clothes for men

Training Hooded Track Jacket – £13.87


Sport T Shirts £6.97


Slim fit sports joggers £6.99


Baggy running shorts – £8.99


Before you get all excited for shopping, make your mind up on what bottoms you want to wear shorts or joggers . Baggy shorts like this pair from Amazon are ideal for running and doing cardio training in also these are inlined with netting so they are also useable for swimming.

If you want to go with more comfort and style these slim fit joggers will do the job. These are great quality and feel great to wear and may be what you need for a low activity. You can finish your outfit of with a sports t-shirt like this one from Amazon.

You may feel like taking you exercise to the next level and doing more outside? You might want to get a sport jacket like this one from Amazon, designed with good quality this will keep you warm and look good at the same time!

All of this (with just one pair of bottoms) comes to an affordable amount. Remember, you don’t have to join a gym to start working out.

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