Military Extreme Cold Weather Gear

Military Gear for Extremely Cold Weather

It can be very dangerous not wearing the correct clothing in the right weather. It could pretty much kill you, when its you vs earth, i am sorry but earth always wins. 

Being “Cold” can increase your chance of pneumonia which is currently killing millions. Be sure when you are in extremely cold weather that you are wearing the correct gear.

Below on this blog we are going to show you what is good military gear to wear for extreme weather conditions and what clothes are suitable. We will supply you a list of do’s and don’ts as well as pros and cons to wearing the correct military gear in extreme weather conditions.

Military Chopper in Extreme Weather

What is Extreme Weather?

Extreme weather is when the weather starts changing significantly different from the average weather pattern. This can be over a course of a couple of minutes to over a long time period.

3 Examples of Extreme Weather

Example 1

Galveston in Texas is a great example to use, $700 million worth of damage was caused by this extreme weather event.

A hurricane and a 15.7 foot storm surge demolished the island and killing over 20% of the population, this is when the population was 37,000. at least 7,400 people died during this $700 million dollar extreme weather event.

Example 2

Darwin, Northern Australia Territory got hit by a huge cyclone called “Tracy” killing little under 100 people. 71 were later found dead as well as more than 70% of the towns buildings were obliterated. 

This was a horrible moment when this severe weather condition came and took place in Australia. Australia is very well known for its “random acts of god” also known as extreme weather conditions.

Example 3

Moscow in 2010 hit the history record books at 39°C (102°F) killing off at least 10,000 people. This was due to being in the scorching hot weather conditions that had unexpectedly hit. Nearly 2 million (1.6) acres of land was swiped out from the raging wild fires that then hit caused by the heat. 

Moscow lost there annual grain yield as the drought carried on through July and August.

More examples of extreme weather

Why Military Gear in Severe Weather?

When it comes to extreme weather events you can never be too careful when getting wrapped up ready for it in the proper suitable clothing. Weather is one of the most unpredictable things that there is in some areas of the world, in other areas we can guess the weather correct for years on end.

Extreme weather conditions can be very dangerous as proven in the examples above which is why you need to be equipped for when a severe weather storm does eventually come your way, or you go to one. Be prepped, don’t be stupid.

Top 10 Military Clothing Items for Extreme Cold Weather

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Please take some time to read our other article about military extreme hot weather gear. Hopefully this should give you an understanding of both versions of extreme weather!

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